This Week I Love…

October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

… Halloween (and candy obviously). Perhaps you may have noticed I have given no mention to Halloween yet this year. I will admit this very unlike me but I have been so busy lately that I took a much simpler route. Rather than freaking out over my costume and running idea after idea past you on the blog I just decided to go with one of last years concepts which I than proceeded order each piece of on Amazon. So that’s all taken care of. The festivities start this evening with a date. Boyfriend and I are going to carve pumpkins, make popcorn over the stove and watch (for his first time!!!) The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also, we’ve got a costume party this weekend and as usual I will be running around like crazy on the pumpkin farm sharing my enthusiasm for all things fall. What about you? Do you have any Halloween plans? While you hash out the details of your Halloween, check out some links below.

Living in Practical Magic!

Halloween cocktails and homemade adult treats, tasty!

Pac-Man garland, genius!

Black & orange interiors, I’m for ’em.

Martha Stewart Living, a surprise repeater of magazine content. How embarrassing.

Decorating for Halloween with trash bags.

The negative ghostrider.

Eat your heart out. (This looks pretty legit to me!)

A pumpkin punch bowl, very clever.

Customs of Halloween, an observance that comes from pagan times (via the New York post)

Awesome eggs.


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