2 Years!

October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I hate it when people ask you on your birthday whether or not you feel any older. What? Older than yesterday? Hardly! (I know what they really mean is older than this time last year) Every time I’m asked that question I feel like that student who forgot about the big exam- “What? That’s today? I’m not ready! Can I borrow a pencil?” How did an entire year go by without my recognition? I was once told I needed to practice being more mindful, meaning more awareness of whats going on with me and whats going on around me. So I suppose this “sneak” attack of time would imply that I have been mindless? Oh goodness…

Hopefully not too mindless. I am aware enough to remember that today marks the 2 year anniversary of Abby’s Road. I don’t feel like any time has passed since I published my one year anniversary post but somehow today marks another. Unbelievable, right?! This is worthy of celebration.

In the world of child development Abby’s Road would have started walking and talking by now.

In the world of community college Abby’s Road would have an associates degree.

In the world of people who make up gift giving traditions, this would be the year Abby’s Road would be showered with gifts of cotton.

In the world of movies, this day in time marks the end of the sequel of Abby’s Road.

If there were a position in office, Abby’s Road would officially be half way through it’s first elected term.

Okay, I’m sure you know where I am going with this so I’ll save you the additional comparisons. All I can say is thank you. This term is office has been a rewarding one and I couldn’t have done it without you. There are times when I wonder why I dedicate my time to blogging and it’s because your readership gives me purpose to write and share and continue exploring. In many ways, this milestone is not my own. Nor the ownership of the blog itself. This page in history is ours because we have collaborated enough to create both a supply and demand. Which is why I want you to know that if I were getting paid for this I would split the profits with you ;0)

So thank you to sticking around. I look forward to year three and can only hope I am mindful enough to see it coming!

You are appreciated.  -Abby

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