Abby’s Road is my first uninhibited, fly by the seat of my pants, no requirements attempt at blogging- therefore hopefully my best attempt.

This is a general interest blog and my personal source of sanity. Among my ramblings you are likely to read some stuff on food (recipes & eating them), the arts (including but not limited to movies, music, advertising and items worthy of hanging on ones walls), travel, coming of age, being a girl, defining a career (huh?), and funny stuff I find on the internet. Seriously, there is a lot of funny stuff on the internet.

A bit about me- I hate doing dishes. I love to travel. Freshly ground French pressed coffee makes my mornings infinitely better. I dream about advertising. I call Minnesota my home.

Welcome and thank you for reading,  Abby

PS- If you are so inclined, I am on Pinterest, Twitter,  and can be reached at abbysroad (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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