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April 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

G’Mornin! I’m back in action after a 4 day weekend which I spent on the North Shore (of Lake Superior). It was nice to get away, nice to get outside, nice to ignore my computer for a moment in time. I’ll be posting some pictures later this week for those who would like to seem them.

Now that I have returned, I am wanted to share a thought on routine and personal development. Do you have a daily routine? Workout, shower, breakfast, etc.? My mornings are a rat race- they have no rhyme or reason and often result in me brushing my teeth in the car. I hope to change that some day. But one routine I have been able to commit to is browsing the blogosphere. My first go-to spot is always Apartment Therapy, because I really do find it therapeutic. The spaces we create for ourselves are our identities. They are telling of our personalities, priorities, and aspirations. They are our comfort zones. It’s a wonderful thing.

That being said, this morning I read an Apartment Therapy article about how we are all looking for our own path. And I truly felt that this post was written to me. I was once concerned that Abby’s Road lacked focus, and consequently so did my life. I had lots of loving family members and friends offering ideas to help this blog achieve it’s own niche or identity and while the ideas were all great, I am glad I never used them. I consider myself a searcher when it comes to vocation and I wanted the development of Abby’s Road to be organic and progressive the same way my life has been. I am happy to announce I think I am getting there. I am also happy that you continue to read and go there with me.

Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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