10 Packing Tips

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been busy gearing up for Europe these days. I’ve never been there before so to prepare I have aggressively been collecting tips and travel techniques I can use. Below I compiled a list of my best packing tips to share with you, applicable to all travel destinations.

1. Select a color theme and pack all of your clothes in those colors. That way you will never have problems putting together an outfit or wonder whether or not something matches (because it all does!)

2. Pack mini booze bottles for the flights. They are below the liquid carry-on limit, are more affordable then the in flight cocktail menu, and you can be more selective of brands. Besides, nothing soothes those turbulence worries like a nice stiff drink.

3. Invest in shoes! You will be walking all over the place so respect your feet and give them a good pair of heels, flats, sneakers, and sandals. Admittedly, I’ve spent the last 2 months shoe shopping for this very reason. I am in love with these sandals, I’ve worn them all day and walked miles without the slightest hint of a blister.

4. Pack microfiber clothing when possible- its easier to wash, quicker to dry, and doesn’t hold stains the way cotton does. Wrinkle resistant fabrics don’t hurt either.

5. Pack multiple travel size toiletries rather than regular size ones. That way you can toss them out as you go, your bag will get lighter, and there will be some room leftover at the end of the trip for souvenirs.

6. Pack granola bars or as my family so fondly calls them “Don’t Be a Bitch Bars.” Don’t be a hangry (hungry + angry) traveler, pack a hearty snack to tide you over from airport to airport and everyplace inbetween. I love Clif Bars because they are so fulfilling.

7. If you are bringing travel books, tear out the pages you don’t need. Or tear out the pages you do need and only bring those. Travel books are heavy and not always worth the weight. Or consider an e-reader to streamline the process.

8. Dress like an onion. Layers! Skip the heavy coat and bring a sweater and light jacket instead, it will take up the same amount of space in your suitcase but will provide more versatility when weather is in flux.

9. Bring or buy a small water bottle. I get so excited about travel I often forget to feed myself, so something as simple as having water at your side can make a huge difference when you’ve been walking all day.

10. Bring a shawl. They aren’t for old ladies anymore! A Shawl or wrap can be used as a clothing accessory, a blanket, and it can be rolled up and used as a pillow. It’s super versatile and easy to carry with you. This one, this one and this one are all at the top of my list.


A Weekend Away

February 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sometimes there is nothing like a trip, out of the country or just across town, to help light a fire under your butt and remind you whats important. I hopped in my car Friday after work and drove home to Rochester, known for it’s big fancy Clinic, to see my parents. It was a very simple, wonderful, and relaxing weekend. There was a lot of sitting around, eating, and of course coffee talk.

I find it both exciting and terrifying to returning to the town I grew up in, wondering if the people and places are as I remember them. I had lunch with an old friend from elementary school which,made me feel- old! And I drove back today, to my own home, listening to a mixed CD from high school which made me laugh so hard I teared up.

Some of this fire under the butt motivation included a conversation I had with my sister on the phone. She gave me some great tips for abby’s road… some good changes are coming your way!

Oh, and I made a carrot cake while I was there. Instead of measuring, I weighed all of the ingredients and it made a world of difference!

I hope your weekend was an enjoyable one!

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