Pencil & Paper, Do You Remember?

September 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

A sad truth or an unnecessary skill set?

Yesterday I found myself, without a personal electronic device, needing to record a lot of information. I grabbed a pen and began to scribble notes at a vigorous pace trying to catch all of the content flowing in my direction. I noticed 4 obvious changes dating back to who knows when?

1. My penmanship has turned to chicken scratch

2. I couldn’t retain all of the information I was given and likely because…

3. I can’t write as fast as I can type

4. My hand began to cramp after about 15 minutes, something I don’t experience typing for the same amount of time- probably due to the imbalance of tension caused by holding a pen with only two fingers.

Am I crazy to think this is odd? Should I be sad I can no longer write quickly and at length like a college student on ritalin? Am I wasting precious time concerning myself over something so benign?

PS- Indiana grade schools are no longer teaching cursive. What does that say for the next generation of typers?

Amy Winehouse Died. Why You Should Care

July 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

As you may have heard Amy Winehouse passed away over the weekend. Presumably due to a drug overdose. Which makes sense because according to the media she had been battling substance abuse problems for quite a while. This is sad. It’s sad because she was young, talented, just beginning a career, and brought down by drugs. But in my mind what is more sad, what should be embarrassing and disconcerting for everyone, is that we sat by and watched her lose this battle. We (being our society and culture) love a good celebrity train-wreck. Lindsey screws up again and we plaster it everywhere and then gawk at the entertainment value it creates. Brittany does something ludicrous that endangers her children’s lives and we sit back and pass our judgement over morning coffee. Where is the support (family, friends, public appeal) in these people’s lives to help them through this insanity? Where is the voice of reason they so clearly need?

It’s understood that you and I don’t know these celebrities personally- so we obviously can’t provide immediate or actually help in a time of crisis. But we don’t have to support it- show demand through increased commentary, Google searches, tabloid purchases and the like. We don’t need to create a need for more “supply” and thus public scrutiny. How many celebrities will we watch overdose or recklessly endanger themselves for our entertainment?

One Ticket Please!

July 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Do you ever go to movies alone?

I once viewed the idea as sad and lonely, but not any more. A few years ago I found myself seeking an American experience while I was studying abroad and a cool, empty theater showing an overrated American blockbuster on a Wednesday afternoon was the answer. Forget sad and lonely, it was actually very nice. The truth is, unless you talk through movies (and I don’t) seeing a motion picture is very much a solitary event. It’s nice to have a companion to discuss the film with afterwards but not a deal breaker for me. Plus I appreciate a little alone time when life gets hectic.

If you’ve never seen a movie by yourself, I suggest you give it a try. Select a movie your too cool to admit to anyone you’d like to see, or one that your partner or friends don’t have an interest in. It makes the experience more self indulgent and fun. When I go I like to get a big bucket of popcorn and eat it as a meal rather than a snack. I like to sit  in the middle of the row, near the front, and I like to put my feet up on chair in front of me.

Plus, it’s been really warm lately. If the July heat is getting to you, go to the theater, take in a show, and enjoy the air conditioning. Oh, and then let me know what you think!

My Degree Isn’t Worth The Debt

June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Everyday I struggle with the idea that my education should be helping equalize my debt to income ratio, yet it still remains unseen. And I’m not alone. Today I read this CNN article called “My degree isn’t worth the debt” and it’s sad. It’s sad that high schoolers walk into higher education institutions without proper education on financing, loans, and debt management. And it’s sad that guidance counselors, the media, and even family members hold certain (expensive)  institutions to such high esteem. Does education help? Yes.

But are we setting our children up for debt that they can’t get out of?

Alzheimer’s Ad- Sad or Savvy?

July 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I spent almost a year volunteering at a home for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients when I was in high school. And the reality was, for a large number of the residents, that consensual physical relations were occurring everyday but the patients never remembered them taking place.

I am more comfortable with this ad, however comfort is the least of my concerns. They say the most effective advertising makes consumers feel sad, scared, or angry. Do you find this ad affective?

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