A Brief But Embarrassing Encounter

February 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have a brief but embarrassing story to share with you. Not that long ago I went to a bakery in my neighborhood, it is a small, charming place with little tables and large price tags. And for the record, I do not frequent this establishment. I try to avoid the calories and crowds that come with it, but on a whim I found myself indulging in a Banana Nutella Brioche for breakfast that day. I had just settled into a comfortable, overstuffed leather armchair and was soaking up the heat from the fire place and the sugary goodness of my breakfast treat when the person sitting across from me leans over with a smile on her face and says, “You look like your having a relationship with you food!”

How rude!  How true!  How embarrassing!

To be fair, I was looking at the pastry in the same way I would someone I love (or lust). And given a few more moments with it I would have professed some strong feelings to confirm that. But what does a statement like that say about a person? Especially when it comes from a stranger? My mind still boggles over all the ways one could interrupt such an intimate and telling affirmation.

I replied to my one member audience with ” That’s because I am!” I believe my response came off as comical rather than alarming or disgusting. The stranger then went on to explain that she was the baker (she made my treat!) and that seeing people like myself enjoying what she creates brings her great happiness.

Okay sure, I will give her that. I would also enjoy seeing my work appreciated but seriously? A relationship with my food? I don’t know if I can live this one down.

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