Look Into A Restraining Order

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Lets talk about chocolate for a sec. It might be a little late for this Valentine’s Day but good chocolate is a great gift for any occasion and this round-up of specialty chocolate [via Bon Appetit} really makes my mouth water.

I guess you could say I am in a relationship with chocolate. It started at a very young age and has matured and evolved over the years. I started as a milk chocolate girl. The format was always simple, and often cheap. I was easy to please. Most kids are. It wasn’t until I got to college that I decided to give the dark stuff a try. It was more an act of moderation than anything else. My logic was this- I like dark chocolate less, so if I only buy dark chocolate I will eat less of it. Right? Well no. Not quite. In fact I fell in love and proved my theory illogical. What was once a childish fling became a full blown love affair shortly there after. And now today, this love has become almost unhealthy. It hinges on obsession at times. If chocolate were a person, he or she would be smart to look into a restraining order. Soon.

And today, much like any popular consumer good, it has become sophisticated. Complex. You pair it with beverages, you add salts, gold flakes, tea leaves,  and other expensive accents to highlight it’s qualities. You vary the quantities of cocoa and milk fats to tantalize the taste buds and challenge your idea of what chocolate should taste like. I am no connoisseur, simply a devout fan, but my love runs deep and the amount of time I have spent thinking about these Bon Appetit suggested American made chocolates is disconcerning.

Where are you on the chocolate spectrum? Simple and satisfied? Complex and consumed?

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