Six Days Sick And Counting…

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

What do you do about colds? I’ve had a head cold for 6 days now. It is the kind of head cold that makes your thoughts fuzzy and your brain heavy. About 2 days in, the brain weightiness teamed up with my respiratory system which embarrassingly enough, made me winded walking from one side of the living room to the other. Like all right minded people, I conjured up every home remedy and good idea I once heard about illness and applied them all to my get-well soon plan. It involved a lot of drinking…

I drank orange juice for the vitamin C. I drank tea because Asian people live the longest so there must be something to that. I drank 7-up because my mother made me when I had an upset stomach as a child even though my current symptoms do not include an upset stomach. I drank Gatorade for the electrolytes. I chugged copious bottles of water for hydration. I drank coffee for the caffeine and personal satisfaction. I ate vitamin C and multivitamin gummies for the added nutrients- gummie is my new favorite form to ingest vitamins, check your Target aisles they aren’t just for kids any more! I pumped my bedroom with humidifier steam to aid the sinuses. I swaddled and unswaddled myself in layers of clothes as my chills came and went. I stayed home from work to rest and avoid contaminating others. I slept with icepacks on my face to reduce the throbbing coming from my nasal passage. I religiously consumed DayQuil and NightQuil at the recommended intervals and quantities for relief. I consumed bland and brothy foods because those are supposed to do something, or so I’ve been told.  I showered and bathed myself  everyday to ease my aching joints and kill off any germs. I laundered all bedding and exposed textiles that were caught in the crossfire of my sneezing and wheezing.

And now, 6 days later, this persistent jerk of a cold still lives. So really, what do you do about colds?


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