This Week I Love…

January 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

birthdays and baking. Or at least that seems to be where all of my time has gone this week. For my boyfriend’s father’s birthday I made this carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. For my best friends birthday I made this Mexican chocolate tart with spiced pecans. And for family I have visiting on Monday I am making these crisp salted oatmeal white chocolate cookies, which I made about 10 days ago with mediocre results. I believe the failure came in the form of expired ingredients. My baking soda and baking powder were both about 2 years old and gave no lift to the cookies. Did you know you are supposed to replace your baking soda and baking powder every 3 months? Lesson learned. I also learned a lot from these baking tips on allrecipes, very informative!  Other things I love this week include…

A cozy winter survival kit.

How clever! Turn your canning jar into a travel mug- Cuppow!

I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars or watermelon or children’s parties for that matter, but this is pretty damn cool.

Love this lamp.

I’m so hungry I could eat a [spaghetti] horse.

Treat your guests to a baked potato bar! I really like this idea.

The food lovers cleanse from Bon Appetit looks delicious! Are you surprised?

Get graphic with VioletMay.

Drinking coffee- a capital offense. I’m offended!

Get drunk faster.

My love for Pinterest is growing!


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