This Week I love…

January 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

…cleaning out some of my links! Oh boy is my computer bombarded with bookmarks! I’ve got some fun things to share, check them out below.

This ad gives me spring fever… kind of.

Make potato chips in your microwave. Genius.

10 Etsy shops you need to know.

I’ve made this soup and this cake in the last month with great reviews. And the recipes are almost kind of healthy too.

How to make milk foam without a frother or machine! Here come the lattes!

For those who can’t commit to wallpaper, here is an excellent source for stencils.

Banana Nutella bread pudding.

I’d love to live in this prefab.

Lauren Haupt Jewelry. I’ll take one of each.

Have you ever had cauliflower soup? I’m on the fence but it looks so healthy and easy to make that I think I could get behind it.

Photoshop your food! This is so clever, I’d love to have a set.

25 foods you will never be able to eat again. Ever.

After several sleepless nights of animating with a crew of over 20 people, the Joy of Books was born. Music composed especially for the short by Grayson Matthews.

The image above. Christmas is over but the picture was so comfy and welcoming I couldn’t not share it. Lucky cat.


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