What You Didn’t Know You’ve Been Waiting For…

December 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Living In FARGO (!)

1. Trooper Hat, $175; 2. Vintage Wall Clock, $160; 3. Deputy Sheriff Badge, $21; 4.Best Made Axe, $250; 5. Stanley Flask, $20; 6. Papermate Mechanical Pencil, $.50; 7.American Flag Patch, $.50; 8. Sisha Snow Boots, $168; 9. Money Bag, $10; 10. Postalco Notebook, $12; 11. Vintage Swingline Stapler, $24

Set in Brainerd, Minnesota, the home of Paul Bunyan, these people know a thing or two about snuggling up inside. Wooly slippers, retro kitchenware and classic diner sets will keep you cozy, botched fake kidnapping aside. A stylish woodchipper, perhaps? No. Let’s not even go there.

1. IKEA Ottava Lamp, $29; 2. Paul Bunyan and Babe Salt and Pepper Shaker, $45; 3.Lorenzini Tartan Robe, $450; 4. Cinnabar Mug, $13; 5. Hickory Coasters, $22; 6.Stackable Diner Chairs, $299/set of 2; 7. Honey Bear, $4; 8. Cinnabar Bowl, $9; 9.Sheepskin Slippers, $58

Love this! Via DESIGN SPONGE.  I can take no credit whatsoever… unless re-posting deserves some merit?


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