Working? I’ve Heard Of It…

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

So once upon a time having solitaire on an office computer was a recipe for disaster. Production levels and work ethic were beginning to plummet because of this silly card game. It was handicapping entire offices. Now fast forward about 12 years and what we have today is an endless cacophony of distractions enveloped under something we like to call the internet. Oh lord, how do we get anything done? Once we’ve checked our personal email accounts (of which there are multiple), paroozed our Facebook feeds for pictures of ugly babies and updates on what people had for breakfast, skimmed some posts from a few of our favorite blogs, caught some news headlines, and clicked on that link for that sale at that store we like, the day is half over. It’s a vacuum!

New to add to my personal list of internet based distractions is Angry Birds. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have spent hours of my life recalculating the trajectory of small animated birds in an effort to attack stone structures and pigs dressed for battle. But I can’t help myself! The concept is so simple that I drive myself nuts trying to perfect it. And thanks to Google Chrome, I can now do it from the comfort of my office computer.

Oh dear.


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