Reevaluating Office Space (Not the Movie)

November 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

What is your workplace like? I am 8 days into my new job, which I am really enjoying, and have found the office space to be a drastic change from where I had previously been. The culture and atmosphere of the office is very relaxed, friendly, and full of life. Let me provide a few examples…

For starters, these peoples cubicals are exploding with pictures, keepsakes, and personality. Visually it’s a bit over-stimulating, but more important- it’s comforting. It’s an extension of these peoples lives and an indicator that they have been here for a while and plan on staying. By comparison, my last cubical had nothing in it for 2.5 years! I didn’t want to stay there, so I never “nested.”

The second big change- this place is bustling with sound. In my last office you could hear a pin drop and the absolute quiet created a false sense of hostility. People didn’t converse for fear of disrupting the office and it prevented any development of community. By comparison at this moment alone I can hear someone streaming jazz music, another a pod-cast on how the universe was created, a conversation about football, and someone on the phone trying to sell diamond tipped drill bits! Everyone is respectful of volume and will kindly turn off or adjust their noise for the sake of business but the sounds are many and it’s a beautiful thing.

Third, camaraderie is plentiful. Friday is treat day and everyone takes turns bringing in a snack to share. They have monthly team building activities that involve trips to the local theater or happy hour. They have an annual retreat to foster office development. And every department meeting includes a riddle, quiz, or game of the minute takers choice. These things are little but make a huge impact on employee moral and community.

And fourth, we can drink at work. Which really helps take the edge off. And it makes me type faster!

Okay that last one is a lie. But it goes without saying I am finding my new office an enjoyable place to get business done!

PS- One thing I fell in love with long ago, but fell off my radar, was This American Life! I am thrilled to be able to stream it today in my cubical while I process my emails. So nice!

PPS- I fine Ira Glass strangely adorable.


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