This Week I Loved…

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

… My job. Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. I have worked there for 2.5 years and learned all sorts of eye opening things about how business is done (some good and some bad). I entered in as a new college grad with the idea that I wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon. I had plans to grow with the company, rise up, help develop it into something stronger. Three days into this position I knew I was wrong in my original plan. In fact I hated it and wanted out almost immediately.

But clearly, there were things that kept me around. A recessed economy and limited job opportunities aside, it was my boss that kept me where I have been for so long. I have had an outstanding director who has personally looked out for me and my development over the past 2.5 years. It made a world of difference. Prior to this job, I held a series of lack-luster retail positions that that carved out a small chip in my shoulder. But I didn’t realize until just this week that it was never the nature of the retail positions that I hated, the sales and customer service were alright, it was the poor management that caused me to hate returning each day. It was the lack of trust, the unprofessional approach to meeting deliverable, and the impersonal atmosphere of entry level retail jobs made me believe the working world was a tough place to want to spend ones livelihood.

Luckily I was proven wrong. My job tasks may have been less than ideal by my manager confirmed for me that there is more to job satisfaction than just that. And now is that bitter sweet moment in all of those really bad chick flicks where the main character realizes it’s the people in her life that really matter. Gosh, I am getting teary eyed already!

I remain optimistic that I am moving on to something better (starting next Monday!) but I just completed my exit interview with HR and I am feeling a little emotional. It may be silly but I am struggling with the idea of saying good bye to my coworkers and walking out the door with my potted plant tomorrow. And since I am new to the nature of job transitioning I am wondering if this is normal. Have you ever gotten worked up over leaving a job or the coworkers at it?

PS- I still love this Halloween Costume.


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