How Do You Make Someone Feel Welcome?

October 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Next month I am taking a big step. The grown up kind. My boyfriend is moving in with me. I’ve never lived with a boy before, nor have I ever been in a relationship long enough to use words like “ours” when mentioning envelopes or produce supply. This is all very exciting and new.

But I am going to stop here. I want to refrain from getting too gushy or excited because I have been a single gal too. I recall having strong feelings of irritation when the authors of blogs I loved to frequent would start exposing their cute relationships and coupley travel pictures and wedding plans. Ask any single person, relationship status seems to haunt them like a bad hair cut. Which is why I want to ask a more general question today.

Aside from giving them access to your complete tchotchke collection… How do you make someone feel welcome in your home? When it comes to a new guest, or friend, or a soon to be roommate what little details or changes do you make to help add comfort to their stay?

I was thinking about cross-stitching a “Mi Casa A Su Casa” throw pillow. Too much?

Also… cute welcome mat flooring.

Apartment Therapy’s guide to making guests feel welcome.

And 8 surprises to leave on a guests pillow.


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