August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Clusterfuck. Perhaps you’re familiar with it? It’s a technical term. It’s what happens when lots of stuff goes down at once and shit hits the fan. And I am currently experiencing one (in a work related sense). Does that make it a verb? Regardless, the result is more work, less sleep, and incessant phone calls (why haven’t people caught on to the email phenomenon yet?). The result of the result- a crabby and unfortunate demeanor. One that makes your mother regret asking the question, “So, how are things?!” And the result of the result of the result- an endless slur of apologies thrown at anything living, because let’s be honest, you probably managed to offend everyone in some manner or another. And the apologizing will just continue because the cranky has only started.

That being said, I am on hiatus this week. Don’t worry. I love you. I enjoy writing for you. I appreciate you reading. And I will be back as soon as possible. Estimated time of return: one week. Meanwhile a few links below.

Awesome people hanging out together.

What’s your personal design style? Take the design quiz.

A feminine 1940’s.

Overused phrases dumb people say.

Banana Republic does Mad Men for Men and Women. Your thoughts?

Split family faces. Crazy cool.

Roasted zucchini pasta for dinner.

Oh and B R B, that’s my salute to those urban generation-Y-ers and the slaughter of the English language. I still prefer whole words and messages. How about you?


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