I Can Sum It Up In One Word: Spoiled.

August 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I had mentioned last week, my birthday was packed with celebratory activities. And I did my best to take pictures of it all but then when it came down to putting it all in a blog post it was clear the only thing I took pictures of was the food I ate! Ooops.

It started Friday with a picnic in the park. We had the cheese and fruit and bread  spread pictured above and then caught a show at the Guthrie. We saw H.M.S. Pinafore, which was really fun. The dancing sailors were a riot!

Saturday morning started with a trip to Patisserie 46 for breakfast. Everything in their case was almost too beautiful to eat. Almost! I had a banana Nutella brioche and a latte! No pictures could be take because I inhaled it, it was sooo good!

After breakfast we saw a matinee showing of Rise of Planet of the Ape. For being an action movie? No Sci-Fi movie? For being an [insert preferred movie genre here] I found the film to be surprisingly emotional. I didn’t know if I should be rooting for the humans or the apes. Or whether I should protest the animal abuse or unauthorized medical testing on people. Regardless, the movie was very good. I recommend it for everyone.

We had a late lunch at Sea Salt after the movie.  I had the fried fish basket which was greasy and salty and well paired with cold beer. Lunch brought on a slight food coma, so a nap was obviously the next activity in store.

I ended the night with a handful of friends playing cosmic bingo at the casino. Within our party there were no wins. And I managed to donate all the cash in my wallet to the Native Americans playing slots. Yeah…

Sunday morning I went to the farmers market and order a giant pile of pulled pork nachos from the Chef Shack. I left with a full belly and 35 tomatoes for a cooking project later in the week.

Sunday afternoon I went to the Room & Board Outlet to drool over the already reduced price furniture I can’t afford to buy. One of these days I am going to throw caution into the wind and buy the fabulous velvet tufted sofa I’ve been eying for years. But it certainly didn’t happen on Sunday.

Sunday evening was a family cookout. We had BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, and root beer floats! I also received an embarrassing number of great gifts. Some of my favorites include this cumulus cut-out porcelain bib necklace (pictured above) from Anthropologie and these Asics Gel Nimbus running shoes. I swear by these shoes, I have bought a new pair of these exact shoes for the last 4 years in a row!

And Monday, my actually birthday, was work and a return to normalcy. But after work Michael (my boyfriend) took me to dinner at The Craftsman. I had grilled trout (with the head still attached) and complimentary birthday beignets (pictures below).

Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate this wonderful birthday, and those who couldn’t make it but sent their kind birthday wishes. I feel so spoiled to have you all in my life. Thank you!


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