I Am 25. And Thankful.

August 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

How do you celebrate your birthday?

I find myself with mixed feelings. I’m 25 today and I’m not entirely excited about it. In the past I have always embraced this day like I’d never get another. But this year is different, and I don’t know if it’s the age I am turning or my increased maturity (yeah right!) or the fact that I have a huge deadline at work but something is making this birthday different then its predecessors and I’m not excited about it in the least. However as Al Franken says “that’s stinkin thinkin” and I refuse to let it takeover this… milestone? Yikes! So here it goes, 25 things I am thankful for at the age of 25 (in new specific order).

1. I’m college educated. Hell I’m 5 classes away from a masters degree!

2. I’m in good health. Relatively speaking.

3. I’ve reached a point where a simple night in is more satisfying than a big night out… most of the time!

4. I live in a city (Minneapolis) that allows me to walk, bike, bus, or drive to all the places I need to go. So easy.

5. I have an apartment I like. Don’t laugh, my time as a renter has taught me that a solid pad is crucial to ones happiness and well being. You need a place you can call home.

6. I’ve acquired a taste for coffee. Both a blessing and a burden– but mostly a blessing. Amen!

7, 8, and 9.  I’ve got a family who loves me. I’ve got friends who care. And I’ve got a sweet boyfriend (who won’t let me ignore my birthday).

10. I look 25. My boobs don’t sag, my butt is exactly where I left it and with a lot of sunscreen and some magic, I will hopefully always look my age- whatever age that is.

11. I found yoga at a time in my life when I needed an outlet for the pressure. Please don’t ask me how much I practice now :0/

12. I’m well traveled. And hopefully more enlighten because of it!?! I’ve never been to New York or California but I’ve got South America, China, and Australia under my belt. Weird huh?

13. I can drink adult beverages. And if my watch is correct, it’s almost happy hour!

14. I’m learning how to cook! A lot of television watching, cookbook reading, and menu ordering has helped expose me to some pretty amazing cuisine.

15. Humility. hu·mil·i·ty (noun) the quality or condition of being humble;  modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.

16. The internet. It’s been around for the majority of my education, all of my work experience, and lets be honest- it’s made life so damn simple.

17. I’ve begun to ponder the big questions, opposed to the little ones ;0)

18. Responsibility. Or more specifically lack-there-of! No pets, no children, nothing stopping me from staying out late or going to bed early yet.

19. I’m done with the puberty and pimples phase. Also the questionable self-confidence and limited independence phase. Phew!

20. I’m employed.

21. My opinions on the economy, politics, and culture form with more clarity and conviction.

22. I am a baller-on-a-budget, which has taught me how to be crafty and reusable.

23. I’ve figured out trashy vs. classy. From blog themes to brazier straps, I’ve become more polished.

24. I’ve got Abby’s Road. Blogging as been an enlightening experience– I’ve learned new technology, met new people, and come to consider WordPress to be my home away from home. Thanks again for following!

25. This is only the beginning (of adulthood)… I’ve got so much more to learn and grow from!

p.s. Some celebrities turning 25 this year. I wonder how they are feeling about this coming of age.


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