It’s Called A Letter And I Am Going To Write One!

August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are moments in my life when I really feel I need to become a letter writer. And these moments, once sporadic, are now increasing at an alarming rate. When I say letter writer I mean someone who types (or writes) a letter of complaint over a service rendered or situation at hand. Much like those who write letters to the editor of a newspaper.

And I going to take these letters old school. I’ll buy a typewriter, sign my name with a pen, and have it delivered via the U.S. postal service! Yeah, damnit! Okay, that part was a lie. But I am willing to go as far as to type my emails in a cool typewriter style font for emphasis.

Formatting aside this is my most recent reason for complaint- there are TV screens attached to the gas pumps of my local station! TV screens! Gas pumps! TV screens! Really?! According to the internet, which never lies, this concept was introduced about 5 years ago. So yes, I was slow to pick-up on this unfortunate trend. But I am aware of it now and I am disgusted. Can’t we have a moment of solitude while we watch our hard earned money guzzle itself into our over priced, carbon emitting cars?

I won’t fight the takeover of fast food, the loss of the nuclear family, or the country’s obesity issue because citizens make those choices themselves. But we have no control over what is or is not projecting from our gas pumps. And I’m embarrassed at what foreigners must think when they come here to vacation and see this appalling display of consumerism. I hate what this represents to our culture and values.

Can we not go 5 minutes without being continually talked at, sold to, or connected in some way? We stare at screens all day long. Driving should be an escape from that. We already have radio ads and billboards seducing us during the drive, is this not enough?


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