This Week I Love…

August 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

My new obsession- Pinterest! Are you using it yet? The concept is so simple, from pretty pictures to specific consumer goods, this site will let you pin your interest to your own digital (bulletin) board. You can make it anything you want. It’s a great place to create an idea board for a wedding or just archive your favorite things. I made my birthday wish list there a few weeks ago and was glad to find it so easy to use, edit, and share. And it’s surprisingly addictive too, I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve lost thinking I would quickly peek at the Pinterest site. If you have some time this weekend, give it a try!

This weekend I am going to a Twins game and I couldn’t be more excited! A professional sporting event is always something to look forward to but for someone like myself who has little interest in the game, its all about the experience. The food, the people, the clothes, the sideline entertainment. I love it all. So in preparation for the big game, I made my own baseball Pinterest board above! And below you can find other things to love this week (as if Pinterest wasn’t enough!)

Rise of Planet of the Apes! Starring James Franco… and a bunch of apes! Opens today.

The Sugar & Fluff Design House Tumblr.

What to say to someone who’s sick.

Siriacha ceviche, yum!

These Brimfield blanket pillows.

Homemade sea salt caramels made by a judicial lawyer!

Rifle’s industrial inspirations + studio expansion, very chic and beautiful.

Liza Minnelli is the latest star to try on Terry Richardson’s iconic specs. This is hot. Fun fact: Liza was born in 1946, do that math!

Graphic designer Dana Tanamachi’s massive lettered chalk walls!

The lady of Lake Alster. Scandalous!


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