Amy Winehouse Died. Why You Should Care

July 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

As you may have heard Amy Winehouse passed away over the weekend. Presumably due to a drug overdose. Which makes sense because according to the media she had been battling substance abuse problems for quite a while. This is sad. It’s sad because she was young, talented, just beginning a career, and brought down by drugs. But in my mind what is more sad, what should be embarrassing and disconcerting for everyone, is that we sat by and watched her lose this battle. We (being our society and culture) love a good celebrity train-wreck. Lindsey screws up again and we plaster it everywhere and then gawk at the entertainment value it creates. Brittany does something ludicrous that endangers her children’s lives and we sit back and pass our judgement over morning coffee. Where is the support (family, friends, public appeal) in these people’s lives to help them through this insanity? Where is the voice of reason they so clearly need?

It’s understood that you and I don’t know these celebrities personally- so we obviously can’t provide immediate or actually help in a time of crisis. But we don’t have to support it- show demand through increased commentary, Google searches, tabloid purchases and the like. We don’t need to create a need for more “supply” and thus public scrutiny. How many celebrities will we watch overdose or recklessly endanger themselves for our entertainment?


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