I’m American, I Clean My Own House!

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Do you have a maid or cleaning service? I clean my own home- but I don’t want to! I find it interesting the stigma Americans associate with this service. Historically there will always be ties to elitism, classes, and slavery. But even today, with all of that behind us, people will still view you as rich, lazy, a snob, someone with money to burn, someone who can’t maintain their own house, someone with no work ethic, etc., etc. Why pay for something you can do yourself, right? This could be true in some cases, it doesn’t have to be. And I couldn’t disagree more.

When I was studying abroad I had l cleaning lady, a laundry lady, a grocery deliver guys… hell if there was any service required there was a position and person there to fulfill it. It was wonderful! With the economy being as tumultuous as it was (and still is) I found that people were creating service jobs because simply put- everyone needs a job! It’s better than no pay check at all.

The first time I called home while I was aboard I told mother I had a cleaning lady, to which she replied “Must be nice! You’re probably paying too much.” Knowing my mother, a farm girl born and raised, her response inferred that I was spoiled and that I should have been saving money rather than spending it on a cleaning lady. After all,  I was very much capable of doing it myself. And she raised me to know how to take care of these things! Due to her obvious irritations, I never brought up the subject again. But that’s not to say that this shouldn’t be a topic of American conversation.

More than a solution to economic hardship, hiring a cleaning service speaks to your priorities- and positively. If having someone coming in for 2 hours a day, once a week means you can now devote more time to your family, pet, job, exercise, intellectual or spiritual growth- isn’t that worth it? Although hard to measure, the ROI could mean a deeper relationship with someone you care about, less stress, more sleep, and/or a more positive attitude. Americans have always had a reputation for being workaholics, not knowing when or how to relax. We eat lunch at our desks and multitask on our ellipticals. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Wouldn’t you like some more free time?

PS- While I’m on the topic; this could be good!

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