Mr. Snobby McSnoberson

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Within the workplace I’m not at the bottom of the totem poll, but it is safe to say I am nowhere near the top. That’s cool, I’m still young, still learning, still testing the waters and seeking direction for my abundance of energy. Give me a task! I’ll hit the ground running!

And conveniently enough, the other day I was given a task. The VP was having a bagel for breakfast and was provided no cream cheese! So obviously I, a coordinator with no direct working relationship to this person, was called upon to locate the necessary dairy product and resolve the catastrophe.

The dialog went something like…

“Abby, Mr. HmmHmm is having a bagel for breakfast but was never given any cream cheese. Can you look through the breakrooms to see if we have any ? Anywhere! Even butter will do.”


“Yes. Import people are important.”

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