When Bad Mugs Happen to Good People

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mugs are what happen when people find out you don’t like candles.

Candles are an easy go-to girl gift. Invited to a shower for someone you hardly know? Candle. Can’t afford the William Sonoma do-dad the gal registered for and actually thinks she needs? Candle. Forgot to buy a gift and need to pick up something quick on the way? Candle.

Candles work because they can be purchased an varying price points, sizes, and flavors. They often come in decorative boxes or jars-  a plus. And it is widely understood that this gift will be accepted with little risk of being returned… but more likely re-gifted if it doesn’t smell good. Candles are a safe bet, enough said.

But what happens when they find out you don’t like candles? The gift giver wracks his or her brain for about 10 seconds, remembers seeing you drink a hot chocolate at some event, some time, some where and low and behold- you are now a collector of quirky, cute, and otherwise ridiculous mugs (like myself!) I won’t go through the entire collection but will say I own a mug that wears a knitted sweater and another that says “I can do just about anything with a tiara on.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am a girl who needs something to hold her coffee in like everyone else. But  there’s no reason to stop at cute or inspirational because there is better out there. For example, I would like to keep this one at my desk (high five Michael Scott)…

I would like to threaten my neighborhood barista to stop screwing up my latte with this one…

And I would like to salute the Columbian economy with this one…

PS- Well done Urban Outfitters.

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