Oh Netflix, You Know Me So Well!

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve always gotten a laugh out of how Netflix categorizes my movie choices. According to Netflix I prefer…

  • Dark movies based on contemporary literature
  • Understated foreign documentaries
  • Movies starring Christian Bale (very true!)
  • Cerebral political dramas
  • Visually striking mind bending comedies
  • Dysfunctional family TV

Touché Netflix!  Touché! But what’s even more ridiculous than these preferred movie categories (that i didn’t realize I love) is this company’s ability to sway my viewing choices. If Netflix tells me, “Based on this… You’ll like this…” I figure it must be true so into the queue it goes. Obviously. And in other cases, Netflix wins by simply wearing me down.

Case in point, Netflix has been telling me for years that I should be watching the FX show Damages. Years! I always held out, thinking I knew better. I only hope the production studio was paying Netflix for all of this exposure because trust me, I had Damages up in my face like white on rice. And last night, Netflix finally won.

And it was right, I love this show. Cripes! Get out of my head Netflix, you’re too good at what you do. Have you ever seen Damages? Imagine Glen Close as Curella De Vil, dressed in a khaki skirt and twin set, practicing law… yeah. Ridiculous. It’s manipulative and suspenseful. It’s got a dark underbelly that keeps you wondering how low these characters will go and why they would ever consider trusting one another. I recommend you watch this show. But if you’re hesitant, just ask Netflix if you’ll like it- I’m sure they know.


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