Um… Is That 9-Year-Old Benching More Than Me?

July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

How young is too young to start your kid on a workout routine?

Whenever I am at the gym, I always seem to witness guided tours of the cardio machines- “This is how you turn on the treadmill… this is how you adjust your speed…” which is always entertaining. And I try to eavesdrop just in case I am failing to pick up on some functions of my own machine. Win-Win.

But lately I have noticed the age of these tourees dropping dramatically. Based on height and weight and the Hanna Montanna gear in tow, some of these kids have got to be as young as 9-years-old! And whats worse (or better?) is that they require adult supervision to be on the floor before the age of 14. Which means parents are giving their children the go ahead to start spinning their little thighs away.

Call me traditional, but what happened to T-ball and soccer? Why aren’t parents encouraging their kids to get outside and run around? Is it a sign of the times or just a lack of babysitters? And is it inadvertently programing them for future body image issues?


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