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I’m a fan of HP. I think I’ve made that clear within this blog. But I’ve never really spoke to the talent of J.K Rowling. Her writing opens you up to a whole new world, one with depth and history and a 5th grade reading level. It’s all very fun. And the woman is now as rich as Oprah so she is obviously doing a few things right. The crazy part is, her husband divorced her while she was writing the first book. He actually said she was crazy and wasting her time on a silly fantasy world that no one would want to read.

Yeah… I am sure the poor bastard is slapping himself for that one. So props to J.K. and her ability to succeed and thrive (beyond a crap marriage and) as a literary icon. And cheers for female empowerment as well. But why am I saying all of this? Because she’s not done yet!

Beginning this fall Pottermore.com is offering a (free) place to build an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books. What this means- well we will have to wait for October to find out. But you can add your email today and get notifications when more information is available. Think about it, this could be good.


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