How To Make A Hotdog Fabulous

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tomorrow is Thursday night dinner and in honor of my newly purchased grill, I’m having a cookout. You’re probably thinking, Big woop everyone has cookouts in the summer. But this is where it gets better- I am making fabulous hotdogs. Here’s how…

1. Quality dogs: this is no time for Oscar Mayer, you need to break out the big bills for prem-o dogs. Go to a local butcher, or in my case the neighborhood co-op, where they grind the meat and make their own.

2. Preparation: if you thought boiling them in water or even beer is the way to go, you are wrong. It’s a charcoal grill. Period. It tastes like summer.

3. Toppings: this is what sets the pros apart from the amateurs. If you think ketchup and mustard are the answer- think again! You want intriguing flavor pairings that compliment rather than mask the dog. In this case, I am making Hawaiian style dogs topped with grilled pineapple chunks and Swiss cheese. Other considerations included an Asian style dog with kim chee, red onions & sriracha, basil pesto, tomato & parmesan, or cream cheese & green olives.

4. Sides: stick with your topping flavors for a complimentary meal. In this case I am making a pineapple salad with a recipe I found on the Mayo Clinic website (of all places!)

5. Get extra everything. When a hotdog is fabulous, people will be lining up for seconds.


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