La-La-La-Links Below!

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Pretty link necklace!

According to the number bookmarks on my web browser, it’s safe to say I love links. And spring is here, so it’s time for some cleaning…

Mad Men is delayed, which delays me in life… :0(

A guest home I’d like to call my own. I love the wood paneling.

A quick guide to herbs and spices for those of us beginning to think about gardening again.

All of my good ideas are battles, literally. {by Adam Katz}

My most recent resource for a new bed. Pretty.

Two words to describe my future home: light & air.

Sexy and healthy and funny- an ass-tastic Nike ad I keep thinking about.

In loving memory of Elizabeth.

Get your free whimsical desktop wallpaper here.

Not your average quesadilla recipe.

J. Crew looks we love, take a peek.

I am the Orson Welles of Powerpoint, by Oly Miller. Cracks me up!

French doors to your shower, so classy! (source unknown)



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