Some Thoughts On Names And The Like

March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Can you think of a name you don’t like? A name that stirs hatred or disgust? A name that upon auditory recognition stirs an emotion you wish it didn’t? I struggle with the name Ashley (sorry for all of those out there) but each one I meet makes me wonder why a parent would do that to their child. Sigh…

On the same token, a name offers so many possibilities. It’s a fresh page, a new identity, a way to call oneself. No wonder people makeup their own nick-names. It’s a fresh new face for what could be a fresh new start in their life. Where am I going with you, you ask? Abby’s Road- that’s where.

I put little or no thought into the naming of this blog. It was based on recognition, as well as it’s association with an iconic musical album and Euro location. Plus it had my name in it. Problem solved. But over the past year, as I have delved further and further into the blogosphere, I have found myself wishing for a different title. Something clever or witty. Something memorable for it’s own sake, rather than the Beatles. But I know better, you don’t rebrand if you don’t have to, you can lose market recognition and goodwill.

A blog I enjoy reading, with a name I find charming and perfect, recently wrote an explanation to it’s title. It was natural, if not a little internalized and personal. In my mind, it was made correctly. Have you ever read anything by Dave Eggers? His work is very cerebral and titles very accurate to the plucking of your heart strings. Again, made correctly.

I can’t rewind the clock, so the name stays with this blog. But if I could do it all over again, the title would be me. The title would be telling of it’s writer and content. It would be genuine to it’s purpose. It would likely include the word indulgent.

Other titles I have come enjoy…

The Gentlewoman (magazine)

an ambitious project collapsing (blog)

My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses (blog)

If you lived here you’d be home now (billboard)

Creature Comforts (blog)

for me, for you (blog)

permanent vacation (blog)

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