This Week I’m Lovin…

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

… it. No, not McDonald’s. But I have a lot to love this week, for starters-  the 50 degree weather! It’s put an extra skip in my step. Which is why I’ve been putting a lot more thought into ways to make myself feel good all the time. For example…

The wake up light, set on a timer to simulate the natural rise of the sun each morning.

Metromint water. I don’t do processed food, or bottled water for that mater. So you have to know I am serious when I mention this product. It’s that refreshing.

Feeling good can also come in the form of helping others. Unpluggd gives you the lowdown on where to donate your funds for the Japanese relief.

I snuck out of the office today and went to the gym on my lunch hour. Have you ever? The gym was dead- I had it all to myself! And I returned ready to take on the world.

The idea of winning! Today I entered to win this beautiful Tivoli stereo via Lucky Magazine‘s daily giveaways.

And lastly- multivitamins. I’m bringing them back into my life. According to Michael Pollan’s Food Rules there is no scientific proof that multivitamins are beneficial however studies have shown that people who taken them are, in general, more conscious of their health and well being. Which makes these people healthier. Which means healthy people take vitamins, however vitamins may not make healthy people. Is you mind spinning? It’s okay, pop a One-A-Day and go for a quick jaunt around the block while you think it over.

Oh, and have a happy day!


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