The Surly Demeanor

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

What keeps you going?

I have a case of the Wednesdays, if there is such a thing. Assuming there is and that you’ve found yourself in such a state, you know it takes some serious mental bargaining to work your way out of it.  I went looking for some inspiration. Some fresh ideas. Something that’ll put a little skip in my step. These links are nudging me in the right direction…

7 Activities to Cheer You Up.

Living in Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Seasonal, yes, but timely.

Directions to a perfectly poached egg. I’ll get this some day!

A blogoversary, to remind mind us why we keep writing. Humbling. Rewarding.

Leah’s words of thanks, to gain some perspective.

The Humane Society website, for some added cuteness near you.

The colors in this home.

The Darjeeling Limited sound track, it reminds me of families and healing and all things foreign yet familiar. Plus The Kinks have 2 great songs available for the album only.


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