The Eagle: A Visually Striking Bromance

March 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I saw the movie The Eagle this weekend. Aside from some cringe worthy one liners, the film was decent. Channing Tatum and Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) made some sweet bromance on screen, and just because he likes ballet doesn’t mean he’s a poof, right? Haha yeah…

No actually, I’m really writing to highlight the scenic backdrop for the film which I now want to live in. The colors were so vivid and fresh and dewy- it was very striking.

And although you never get to see it Channing gets his leg sliced open in battle, and then spends his rehabilitation at a British villa with his estranged uncle (Donald Sutherland)- which you do get to see. Sadly, I have yet to find images of that home on the internet but it’s worth seeing. Use your imagination for this one-very picturesque. Or just go see the movie.

According to Wikipedia, which only speaks the truth, filming took place in Hungary, and Scotland at a place called Loch Lomond (pictured above).

And if the scenic backdrop wasn’t enough to make you want to crawl into the screen, checkout the animal skin ponchos of the Seal people. I am on the fence about whether I need to wear one or upholster my ottoman in it. I should contact Design Sponge, this would make a nice Living In feature.

*Fun Fact: According to IMDB Channing Tatum’s personal biography includes a stint as a male stripper and Kung Fu master.


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