Baking Biscotti For The Holidays

November 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m thankful to have made it through Thanksgiving! So much food, so much family, it got a bit overwhelming. So I told myself when I was at the grocery store this weekend that I wouldn’t take on any large cooking or baking endeavors for Christmas. If it doesn’t come in a box, if it requires more than three ingredients, if I have to think while putting it together- it’s out!

But sometime in between Saturday’s trip to the grocery store and this morning I decided what is missing in my life is homemade biscotti (obviously). It’s nice to have around when you feel the need to dunk something in your cup of coffee. And it’s a nice deviation for the hundreds of Christmas cookies that will be showing up from now until the end of December. And biscotti has a long shelf life… or at least I like to tell myself that because its so hard and crunchy.

I am thinking I will make three different kinds for the holiday season, so I have been hunting through the internet archives for the most delectable looking recipes. Cappuccino, gingerbread, double chocolate, almond and lemon, honey pistachio, pumpkin pecan – there are too many to choose from. Please send any recipes you have to share!


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