The One Stop Christmas Shop

November 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Lazy?  Perhaps.  Simple?  Extremely.  Expensive?  Ehh…

I’ve decided to do all of my Christmas shopping at the liquor store this year. I am actually patting myself on the back right now for having found such an efficient and simple method to complete the gift giving demands of the holiday season. Truthfully, I hate shopping. I am more then accepting to find myself among the majority when it comes to female stereotypes, but I’ll put my foot down when it comes to consumerism and shopping centers. So it will be nice to avoid the hustle and bustle of the shopping mall this year as I visit my neighborhood liquor store.

Being very comfortable with giving the bulk of my paycheck to the liquor store as it is, I am happy to be sharing the wealth this snowy season with my friends and family. My lesser acquaintances will be getting something akin to Two Buck Chuck and the price and quality will increase with reason and familiarity I suppose. I will also expand my purchases to a variety of liquors and spirits as I see fit. Ahh… life is good (no t-shirt necessary!)

Hopefully this didn’t ruin the surprise, happy holidays everyone!


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