Visioning A Better Blog

November 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Abby’s Road was created as a personal interest blog (which it still is) to provide an outlet for me to share, learn, vent, discover, and connect (which it still does). As I mentioned in my one year anniversary post, I have been pondering the direction of this blog because I can see its potential to become something even better.

Earlier this year Vogue or Vanity Fair, I can’t remember which, published an article about fashion bloggers making a name for themselves in the industry. It featured a number of highly frequented blogs (and their writers) and the slant or spin that set them apart as unique voices in the world of fashion. It went on to explain how the writers have turned something as simple as a general interest blog into a career. They have become authorities in their own right and created valuable experience to tack on to their resumes.

Additionally, this months issue of Fast Company features The New Faces of Social Media which again highlights individuals making waves in industries via their personal computers and more importantly their personal strengths. From YouTube to Twitter to the Blogosphere people having been rising up without the power of a large company name or high profile career.

These articles fresh in my mind, I went to an art exhibit recently where the artist shared her modern and abstract pieces in the form of books. She made a lot of the paper the art was created on, made the art itself via paint primarily, and then bound the art collections into books. What I loved about these books was the fact that she decided to make them in the first place. Today’s technology and resources have made personal expression limitless. Writers don’t have to knock on door after door hoping for a publisher to bite or a major periodical to hire. They can start a blog and make it happen themselves. And an artist can bind a coffee table book and sell an entire collection. It’s that easy.

What I took away from these articles and this artists decision to turn her collections into coffee table books is that you can be and do whatever you want. You can take what you like and make it a career. And with some self promotion through viral media you can create a market to support you. Saying I can’t is no longer an option. The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

What does all of this mean?  I don’t know— yet.

What I do know is that I love blogging and the development of Abby’s Road. I started without a clear vision and have been developing new standards, formats, and visions as I go. My plan from this point forward is to develop more consistency and an end goal. And at the forefront of all of this keep you, the reader, in mind.

Wow, some pretty deep thoughts for a Friday afternoon!


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