Restless & Frustrated

November 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m getting restless and frustrated in my occupation and I am considering a career move to corporate America. If you just threw up a little in your month I completely understand. When I think of corporate America I think of selling out. I think of the original Wall Street (1987) and it’s cut-throat insider trading. I think of American Psycho and it’s pretentious business cards. I think of power suits and over priced watches. I think of expense accounts and golf outings.

I don’t know why all of my references come from 1980’s movies I was too young to experience firsthand but I did just added Working Girl to my Netflix queue, a far cry from reality but good inspiration if this career transition is going to require a wardrobe upgrade!

But the truth is I know nothing of corporate America. I’ve never worked there and everything I currently assume comes directly from television and movies. I can’t consider it selling out if I have no basis to measure this on. I can’t groan if I don’t know what I am groaning for. So the search begins…


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  • alissa says:

    American Psycho, although takes place in the ’80s, was filmed in 2001. Who Knew? I didn’t until I watched it on Halloween. That’s how scary Corporate America is Abby, Halloween scary.

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