Charcuterie? Don’t Mind If I Do…

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have to start talking about Thursday night dinner now because I am attempting something new and ambitious this week. Ambitious in variety and education, however extremely simple in execution. I am making a charcuterie platter.

I love meat, if I were a dinosaur I would be called a carnivor-e-saurous. And I love Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, the woman behind this blog and a writer for Minnesota Monthly. So when Dara got on the radio last week talking about the art of preserving meat a light bulb appeared above my head. My eyes glazed over. I began to drool. I may have fallen off my chair. What a great theme for Thursday night dinner!

This is great, and not because of the enjoyment one gets from a giant plate of meat. This is great because it isn’t your mom’s summer sausage and colby jack snack. Preserving meat is a dying art. Refrigeration and modern food storage techniques have made the dehydrating, fermenting, and emulsifying of meat a thing of the past. Which is why we now have to pull out some serious money for something as simple as jamon crudo.

So I told myself, if I am going to make a charcuterie platter, I am going to do it right! I am going to educate myself on patés and prosciutto. I am going to be able to walk into the butcher shop and say in my poor French pronunciation, “Gimme some jambon de bayonne!” Or at least that’s the plan.

Stay tuned while I share with you more exciting information on meat and the preparation for Thursday!


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