Ikea Here I Come

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I like this ad, it looks a lot like my bedroom right now.

I am going to Ikea this evening. I bet your saying to yourself, “So, what’s the big fat deal?” Well the big fat deal is this; I have to carefully monitor my Ikea consumption. It starts with some new drinking glasses and all of a sudden I am trying to figure out how I can fit a 6 foot dinning room table into the back of my little sedan. I go in thinking I need a spatula and leave thinking I need to completely revise what I’ve got going on with my interior decor. And then an identity crisis ensues. Am I traditional? Modern? French Country? Eclectic right? I am sure I am eclectic.

I also have to monitor myself because I am afraid that if I buy anything else from that store I will wake up thinking I am in an Ikea catalog. I envision myself wandering around my own apartment trying to figure out if I am on page 37 or 42. It’s a slippery slope! Its so damn cheap and convenient.

But tonight is not about me or my apartment. I am really looking forward to my trip to Ikea because I am taking a newbie. This kid has never been to Ikea so we are going to do it up right! We are going to get our $0.99 fat free frozen yogurt cones and a couple of coffees and parooze the entire display section at our leisure while we discuss what does and does not make for a good coffee table. I am curious to see if this friend will be won over by the Swedish persuasion, as I so obviously was. All the while I am going to fight the internal battle to fill my entire shopping cart with Scandinavian merchandise but hopefully leave with some meatballs and extra clothing hangers. This should be good!

PS: have you been to this blog yet?

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