The Boxer Rebellion

October 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am going to check out the The Boxer Rebellion this evening. Despite my better judgment I found myself viewing the romantic comedy Going the Distance a few weeks back which showcased this band. The band was okay, the movie was not. An hour after leaving the theater my movie viewing companion called to say, “Guess who’s coming to Minnesota?”  Which brings me to tonight.

Its been a month now and I actually cant remember what the band sounds like. And I am wondering if I am clinging to some phantom talent or the glitz of a mildly talented rock band in a major motion picture. The music samplings I remember make me think it could be a good experience and the lead singer is pleasing to the eyes which always helps. He’s got that alternative ugly but attractive appeal and nice bone structure.

The ticket to the concert actually cost less then the movie which gives me additional hope. But the bottom line is that I love music, live music especially, so any Friday spent with a concert ticket in hand and a drink in the other will never be viewed as a waste.

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