Apples On The Brain

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am consumed by all things apple lately. I made my annual trip to the orchard this year and picked myself a peck of apples. According to Christian Lander, this is one of those activities white people like (let the eye rolling commence.)

But being a single gal, and a repeat offender of this activity, I always find myself on a 3 apple-a-day diet just to keep up. In the past I have made grilled cheese and apple sandwiches, thrown them in salads, and placed them in any number of desserts to my expanding waistline’s content.

This year I have my mind set on a pizza with apples, Canadian bacon, and Swiss cheese. However other forms of pork would also be delicious, as would a smoked Gouda. I also want to make a honey dipped apple covered in shaved almonds. And explore some cider cocktail recipes.

Martha has got me thinking about this apple-parsnip mash which has to potential to be both disgusting and wonderful. I have been waiting all year to make this ensalada de manzana which will be served at my next Thursday night dinner. But I need more inspiration.

What are you doing with your apples this fall?


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