Am I What I Eat?

September 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Am I what I eat? And Is it really necessary that I ever have to ask that question?

I am in the middle of confirming some weekend date details and I have been asked to pick the restaurant. For the record, this is date #2. I figured this would be simple because I pick restaurants all the time, I am good eater! But is there such a thing as dating etiquette? Is there any rhyme or reason to selecting one venue over another? I find myself in uncharted territory. I know better than to pick some obscure foreign cuisine or overly priced trendy hot spot, but the knowledge stops there.

We are going to see a movie afterward so I suggested having popcorn for dinner, which he thought was funny. But it wasn’t a joke! I love popcorn and eat it for meals all the time. Popcorn is the best vehicle I could ask for when consuming butter and salt in copious amount. But once I realized my suggestion was interpreted as a joke I found myself back at square one.

I want to suggest Chipotle. Classy, I know! Yesterday was Mexican Independence Day and I have burritos on the brain. I am assuming fast food would also get a laugh so here I stand without any real prospects. I miss college! Additionally, all sorts of questions continue to pop into my head… should I anticipate paying for my half?  Should I select a place I have been before or try something new? Does this person have food allergies or find pork offensive? Do I have to avoid places that appear on “Dinners, Drive-Ins, and Dives?”

Seriously, why is this so difficult?


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