Prefontaine (1997)

September 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I often think the solution to all of my problems could come in the form of running. Let me clarify, I mean becoming a runner. Its relaxing, and healthy, and inspiring, and a good way to clear ones mind. So last night I watched Prefontaine (1997) starring Jared  Leto in hopes motivating myself to hit the pavement more often.

A couple of thoughts… I love Jared Leto, he’s adorable with blonde hair and a mustache, the look works for him. And its more endearing then the heavy black liner he sports these days. Also, this movie is full of faces you know and names you forget. I spent the entire movie going, “hey isn’t that… somebody?”

The character of Steve Prefontaine is a person you will hate to love and love to hate. He’s a great runner, a real athletic champ, and a hot headed media slut. And throughout the movie you have to hear him complain about his body image issues, he’s like those ballerinas that complain about the shape of their feet. There is a scene in which he is sitting next to his girlfriend telling her how he wishes he had her build, you know… like a natural born runner!?

The movie had that after school special sort of vibe, extra corny and full of life lessons. My favorite scene, you see Jared taking some advice from his shoe making friend before his final race. His friend has brought him a new pair of shoes hosting a giant swoosh symbol, explaining that he has acquired a business partner and that this is their logo. Jared proceeds to rip it off, saying it will create unnecessary wind resistance. How classic!

I am going to recommend this movie, not to runners, but to people who like to rip apart poorly made movies for entertainment value. The soundtrack hosts some solid tunes as well.


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