Me Gusta Martha!

September 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Do you know what I love about Martha Stewart? Everything! No, really this woman has built such an amazing empire that I will kindly overlook that whole insider trading snafu. In fact, I found that her time in the slammer has made her a funnier host andhas given her show more public appeal. And all the added PR didn’t hurt either.

I bring this up because last year I was given an Everyday Food cookbook that I still marvel over. Its organized to perfection, the directions are very easy to follow, the pictures are great, and lets be honest everything she turns out is pure gold. I have never purchased a product (via this woman) that I thought wasn’t worth the price and effort.

Additionally, her website always has the most timely and seasonal information on everything for the kitchen and home. I was on the site today looking for something to cook for dinner and found myself (as I always do) praising her offerings. If she ever names a successor to her throne, I would like to nominate myself. Or at the very least go to the casting call, not because I am domestically inclined but because I believe if I were in the same room as her I could absorb some of her awesomeness, amen.

PS- I had to share this pole dancing video, it’s just too good to pass up (and Martha has great legs)!


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