Allow A Little Ridiculousness Into Your Life

August 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today I woke 20 mintues after I was supposed to be at work. I hauled ass out of bed, put on any clothes I could find, and jumped in my car. About 4 blocks into my drive I looked down at the clock to see that I was actually an hour early for work.

How does this happen? Well… I have had a hell of a time opperating my “new” (5 month old) alarm clock ever since I got it. I threw away the directions the first day because what dummy can’t set an alarm properly? Apparently this dummy! I can’t get the snooze button to snooze, instead it turns on the radio and I often set my clock rather than my alarm and as a result the screen is never showing the correct time and I am always listening to the radio while I sleep.

So 1 latte later, I show up for work 40 minutes early and a little frazzled. Did I brush my teeth? What day is it? Why did I pack 2 lunches? And so on and so forth- but I remain in good spirits! I found myself telling this story to a co-worker today who stoped me to ask, Why don’t you just get a new alarm clock?!?  To which I reply, because sometimes it’s important to allow a little ridiculousness into your life. It’s going to be a great day, happy Wednesday everyone!

PS: according to; ridiculousness can be defined as (adj.) causing or worthy of ridicule. Sounds humbling.


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