My Personal Electronics Are Conspiring Against Me

August 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

My personal electronics must be conspiring against me. There is no other reason they would all crap out in the same month! My 6 year old laptop (well past its prime) recently became inoperable while I was in the middle of writing my midterm this weekend. My 9 year old digital camera now fails to automatically open/shut its lens, zoom, or start up in less than 25 seconds. My 1 year old prostitute phone which I will be the first to admit was spotty to begin with has quit ringing when people call and turns off on its own accord. And I dropped my 5 year old iPod at the gym last week and the screen has gone black. Wow, I feel really old all of a sudden!

Okay, I am done whining. There is nothing mysterious about these events. In fact I would say I have been lucky some of my electronics have worked this long. And I am not resistant to up-dating my gadgets, I simply lack the means. But this does open the window to a lot of decisions. To be or not to be a smartphone user? Should I get an iPhone to replace my cell phone and iPod (and possibly my camera)? How am I going to turn all of my old electronics into hats? Where should I buy these items? How much money do I want to invest in technology when everything becomes obsolete in less than a year of purchase? And of course the biggest questions; how am I am going to afford these things?

I could use a Magic 8 Ball right about now…

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