Storytelling, Like

July 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

So often are we asked to list our likes and dislikes. Every time we join a social network, everytime we are forced into a group for work or school, we have to comply with …What are your interests? …Insert bio [here] …Tell everyone what your goals are …Share your focus (and so forth). This seems forced and pointless to me. Dislike

But just recently I discovered a new interest and thought I would voluntarily share it with you. I love storytellers! Like

Anyone can reiterate a fable, personal event, joke, or article but to capture an audience through hand gestures, vocal inflections, and natural enthusiasm is really something special. Like

I am in a class right now called International Political Economies, and I am very much enthralled with my instructor. Between his endless references to growing up in the 1950’s and his uncanny George Bush impersonations, I find myself wishing he was my grandfather simply because he has such great stories to share. Like This course has made me realize that (1.) Chindia is a force to be reckoned with and (2.) being in the presence of a storytellers is a real treat. Like

Additionally, Google has told me today that there is a National Storytelling Network. I’m pleasantly surprised! Like


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