Mad Men:S4 Premiere Sunday

July 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am completely fired up for the Mad Men:S4 premiere on Sunday! Hell, I might even roast a pigeon!

Actually, no pigeons will be killed over the premiere of this season. In fact, there will be no glamor in my Sunday evening. As much as I’d love to sit back in my heels and lipstick,while I sip a well made cocktail– I have no cable! Instead I will be treding along in my Asics, headphones, and sports bra while I monopolize one of the cardio machines at the gym. I knew there was a reason I maintain my membership!

If you find yourself in a similar, cableless situation, find more ways to watch here. If you follow Mad Men for the historical references, take a look at whats coming up here. If you’re in it for the clothes- and don’t kid yourself, a lot of people are, play dress-up here. If you think you could love Mad Men but are too far behind to jump into the new season, get the season 3 review here.

That’s right, you have no excuse now!


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