Stuff White Generation-Yuppies Like

June 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, I read the book Stuff What People Like over the long weekend. It was funny, interesting, pretty topical information. However the book didn’t offer a preface or much of an explanation as to who “white people” are, which I believe would go a long way in understanding the content.

Checking out the author’s blog, you will can find a number of the comments accusing him of being a racist jerk, when it actuality he’s defining a target market within a primarily white population of people. Essentially, Mr. Landers is speaking of gen-Y, urban yuppies (young upwardly-mobile professionals)- likely to be from the United State. All white, American, NASCAR watching, domestic beer drinking, Wal-Mart shoppers please disregard.

But while the book was an entertaining read, it lacked the scientific connection I was hoping to find. It would be nice to see an anthropological or even historical explanation as so to why white people like Japan, other then the desire to one-up their buddies.  Yes, sushi is a culinary delight, and anime a roaring success. Tell me something I don’t know.

But I did enjoy the quiz at the end of the book. It helped me calculate how white I am: 30% and growing! I am okay with that number because and lets be honest here- who doesn’t love a gourmet deli sandwich?!

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